How To Find Adventure In Your Own Backyard

I’m up really high right now! High enough on this mountain that the clouds impede my visibility. The glorious views of the landscape and city below have disappeared, replaced by a grey oblivion. It’s much colder now than what it was farther down. I put on my hat and gloves and tighten down my hood. The clouds that I’ve just entered offer (more…)

7 Tips for Going Up to Angels Landing

Zion National Park in southern Utah… easily one of the most awe-inspiring places that I’ve ever been to! A well-organized park with a convenient shuttle service that will take you to any one of their many hiking trails. During my visit however, I had only one trail in mind, the West Rim Trail. There I would set out to (more…)

How To Get Fit For Upcoming Travels

Traveling is fun! You get to see and try new things, learn some cool shit, and create lasting memories. However, if you’re not in best physical shape, travel can be just downright miserable. I’ve seen this first hand several times throughout my own travels. Many people will have frowns on their faces while trying to catch their breath after a long walk. They clearly (more…)