Home For Christmas… For A Change

It’s Christmas Day! And there’s so many wonderful things happening! There’s a tree in the living room with tons of presents underneath it. Which are soon to be passed out and opened up by their respective recipients. There’s going to be smiles and laughter and gratefulness from the joys that come with this special day. Maybe a Christmas movie will be watched later on, preferably Die Hard! (more…)

How To Find Adventure In Your Own Backyard

I’m up really high right now! High enough on this mountain that the clouds impede my visibility. The glorious views of the landscape and city below have disappeared, replaced by a grey oblivion. It’s much colder now than what it was farther down. I put on my hat and gloves and tighten down my hood. The clouds that I’ve just entered offer (more…)

How Traveling Made Me More Thankful

Thanksgiving has just passed. It’s that time of year where we stop and take inventory of the things that we are thankful for in our lives. For each person this can mean something different. Some might say that they’re thankful for their family, or having kick-ass friends. Perhaps they’re thankful for the car that they worked really hard to pay for. Or to have the (more…)

The Best Self-Defense System for Travelers

All photos courtesy of Spartans Academy of Krav Maga

The world is an amazing place! It’s full of natural splendor, unique cultures, delicious foods, awe-inspiring scenery, spectacular architecture, and the list goes on! All of these things inspire so many people to pack their bags and go out and travel. However, the world also has a dark side, (more…)

The Craziest Foods That I’ve Eaten (So Far)!

The topic of this article comes from an inquiry from one of my readers. Knowing that I’ve been around the world has led some people to wonder about the different foods that I’ve tried. Especially since I’ve lived in a remote village in West Africa for two years. And seeking out new and exciting foods (more…)