My Thoughts on Bus Tours in Israel

In a previous post I talked about how overwhelming I thought Israel was. Despite being relatively small in size, there was much to see. There are many holy sites and other historically significant sites scattered throughout the country. To get to as many as I could during the time I was there, I decided to go on a couple of bus tours. Which came with pros and cons, so for this post I wanted to share my thoughts. (more…)

How I Would Describe Israel

Despite being about the size of the state of New Jersey, there is so much that makes up Israel. Head into the Old City of Jerusalem and you’ll see some of the most significant religious landmarks in the world. Go back in time with visits to archaeological sites. Descend to the lowest point on Earth and effortlessly float in the Dead Sea. Or find a local restaurant and indulge in some of the greatest hummus you’ll ever taste. (more…)