The Craziest Foods That I’ve Eaten (So Far)!

The topic of this article comes from an inquiry from one of my readers. Knowing that I’ve been around the world has led some people to wonder about the different foods that I’ve tried. Especially since I’ve lived in a remote village in West Africa for two years. And seeking out new and exciting foods (more…)

My Fair British City… York (Gallery)

Today is a great day for me! This morning I received an email from my university. It said that I had successfully completed my graduate program and will be receiving my Master’s degree. This is something that I’ve spent a year trying to achieve. During this time I was living in York, England. An old and beautiful city that I had grown quite fond of. This coming January I will be returning to York so I can walk in my graduation ceremony. And I very excited about that! (more…)

The Inspiring Landscapes of Scotland (Gallery)

In a recent post I talked about how beautiful I thought Scotland was. I certainly like to tell stories about the places I’ve been to and the things that I’ve seen. However, sometimes words can only go so far, and it’s better for me to show rather than tell. This is definitely the case with the Scottish landscapes. (more…)

Digital Detox While Trekking in Scotland

How long can you go without looking at your phone? A day? An hour? A minute? 10 seconds? For many people it may not be very long before they end up looking at their phones and checking Facebook or their other social media accounts. While trekking through the highlands of Scotland I just kept my phone turned off and stowed away in my rucksack. And I was glad that I did! (more…)