The Craziest Foods That I’ve Eaten (So Far)!

The topic of this article comes from an inquiry from one of my readers. Knowing that I’ve been around the world has led some people to wonder about the different foods that I’ve tried. Especially since I’ve lived in a remote village in West Africa for two years. And seeking out new and exciting foods (more…)

A Day in the Life of a Peace Corps Volunteer

How many times have you heard the phrase, “We take so many things for granted”? While growing up I’ve heard this phrase more times than I can remember. However, it never really quite fully sank in until I moved to West Africa back in 2012 to do my Peace Corps service. That’s when all of those things that I was taking for granted were no longer a part of my life. At first it took some adjusting, but eventually I reached a point where having so little became normal. And I was able to establish a good day-to-day routine while living in my Gambian village, Baja Kunda. (more…)

“Be quiet… or Death will come for my child!”

For this post I wanted to share a story from my time in The Gambia. This is a story about a superstition that many Gambian women have. I felt that this would be a good way to tell about an interesting cultural difference. While at the same time going along well with Halloween coming up. This is a story about Death. (more…)

Fitness as a Volunteer in The Gambia

Physical fitness is a passion of mine. Throughout the years I’ve been involved with many different physical activities. And I’ve learned how to maintain my health and fitness through diet and exercise. However, when I moved to The Gambia to do my Peace Corps service, I had to be a bit innovative. As living there held circumstances that both helped and hindered my fitness journey. (more…)

Breakfast Rat in Baja Kunda, The Gambia (Video)

I once said that there are two things that you’ll leave with after living in a developing country. The first is a greater perspective of the world, and the second is a cast-iron stomach. For this post I tell a story about a time in which I worked to develop the latter. This was when I ended up eating a rat for breakfast one morning during my Peace Corps service. (more…)