Finding Balance as a Peace Corps Volunteer

So far in this blog I’ve posted about some of the highlights and downsides from my Peace Corps service. Throughout my time in The Gambia I’ve sought to strike a balance with these moments. At times it wasn’t easy, and it became frustrating, but somehow I pulled it off. This is reflected in one of my journal entries that I wrote during my service and I wanted to share it for this post. (more…)

Fire in the Night in Baja Kunda, The Gambia

Who doesn’t like sitting around the campfire with loved ones? Or blowing out the candles on a birthday cake? Or grilling up some backyard BBQ? When controlled properly, fire has its positive uses. But it also has its destructive capabilities, so we try to be as careful as possible. Though at times things can spiral out of control, and fire can spread quickly. This was the case one night in the village that I lived in during my Peace Corps service. A night that turned out to be another one of my misadventures. (more…)

Children of My Host Family (Gallery)

I’ve met a lot of people during my Peace Corps service. But the most memorable of them would have to be the children of my host family. Throughout my service they have shown kindness, humor, love, and an amazing spirit. There are many great stories that I could tell about my host siblings. As I continue this blog I will certainly share some of them. But for this post I’ve decided to let some of the photos I took of them do the talking. And you can see for yourself just how beautiful they are! (more…)

Handling Snakes in Marrakesh, Morocco

Ophidiophobes beware! Because this post is about snakes! Snakes are perhaps one of the most feared animals in the world. Personally, I’m not really afraid of them. In fact I find them to be quite fascinating. But I definitely have a healthy respect of just how powerful some of them can be. As there are snakes out there that can end a person’s life with minimal effort. While I was traveling in Morocco, I had a chance to get up close and personal with a few of them. (more…)

Getting a Free Lunch in The Gambia

Imagine that you are out having lunch at a restaurant by yourself. You look over the menu and order that entrée that stands out to you. Maybe you also get an appetizer and some good sides to go with it. Perhaps you’re at your favorite pizzeria, and you order up a delicious pie. Then your food arrives at you table, and you can’t wait to dig in. But before you can indulge in the goodness that’s been placed in front of you, someone comes to your table. Another patron, someone you don’t know. This person then asks you if you wouldn’t mind sharing your food with him/her. How would you respond? (more…)