How To Get Fit For Upcoming Travels

Traveling is fun! You get to see and try new things, learn some cool shit, and create lasting memories. However, if you’re not in best physical shape, travel can be just downright miserable. I’ve seen this first hand several times throughout my own travels. Many people will have frowns on their faces while trying to catch their breath after a long walk. They clearly Read More

How To Choose Clothes To Travel More Safely

A common thing that I hear from many people is that they really want to travel the world, but they’re afraid that something bad might happen to them. They’re worried about getting kidnapped or assaulted or some other worst-case scenario. It’s certainly understandable why many people would feel this way. Thanks to mainstream media, as well as social media, we’re constantly being exposed to the worst aspects of humanity. However, Read More

How World Travel Can Affect Relationships

The subject of this post is in response to an inquiry from one of my readers. Though it’s something that I’ve been on the fence with actually writing, as what I’m going to be talking about is deeply personal. However, a new friend that I’ve made recently reminded me of the importance of transparency. So I’m going to give it a try. Read More